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About VLV Technologies

VLV is a US based company with the mission of making international trade accessible to companies around the globe no matter the sizes and the industries. 

Inspired by what wasn’t working in international procurement, we created a new international trade model.
Our import and export process is transparent, simple and efficient. We handle the most complexes trade transactions from end-to-end with ease and efficiency, eliminating all traditional trade barriers.
We accomplish our mission by leveraging a diverse network of industry experts in various fields located around the globe. Our experts provide expertise and local market knowledge to assure that every trade transaction meet and exceeds the expectations of all parties involved.
Our network, combined with our optimized supply chain provides to importers and exporters around the world the most sophisticated and efficient fulfillment capabilities.
To get started, simply contact us with details of what you are looking to import or export. We will work for you to locate the best suited suppliers and buyers, purchase the goods from the exporter and resell them to the importer. We take care of everything in between.


Our Network

VLV Technologies’ network consist of trade advisors from around the globe. Trade advisors are professionals qualified in their field and physically located in the region they operate from.
They know the industry, speak the local language and can navigate the local culture.
Their mission is to provide local market knowledge and industry expertise to assure that every transaction is the most efficient. They accomplish this mission by researching the local market, negotiate on behalf of the importer, supervise the export process, inspect the integrity of the shipment and assure flawless communication between all parties involved.
At VLV we are continually looking for dynamic professionals to join our network of trade advisors. If you have a specific expertise in your field and a passion for international trade, contact us to let us know you exist. We will be delighted to enroll you in our network of international trade advisor.  


Sell with VLV

Selling a product to international buyers can have a huge impact on a company revenue, reputation and customer reach. However, the process can be risky and complicated. The exporter must locate international buyers, negotiate in a foreign language, put in place complicated payment mechanisms and assure the conformity of the goods to the importer’s requirement.
VLV exist to help companies from around the globe export their products internationally.
Our expending network of trade advisors locate the pertinent buyers, assist in the negotiation process, prepare the necessary paperwork and confirm the conformity of the shipment to the importer’s requirement.
VLV makes the trade transaction safe for both the exporter and the importer by purchasing the goods from the seller, assure the logistics and resell them to the importer.
All the seller has to do is sell the product to us. We take care of the rest.
Contact us to learn more.  


Buy with VLV

Importing goods from a foreign company can be complicated and risky. The importer must have the resources to communicate in a foreign language, learn the supplier culture, research the regulations and have the necessary infrastructure to purchase a product internationally.
At VLV, we have the experience, the expertise, the network and the infrastructure to make the process safe, straightforward and efficient.
This gives buyers access to a wider pool of potential suppliers and the confidence to buy from the international markets.
We help importers from around the globe acquire products from international sellers, no matter their size, industry or their region.
Our buying process is fully transparent, straightforward and cost effective. All parties involved are apprised of the progress of the transaction in every step of the way. We use the most optimized supply chain to deliver the shipment to destination and use our economy of scale to the benefit of our customers.
All the Importer has to do is buy the products from us. We take care of everything else.
Contact us to learn more.  

Our Contacts

VLV Technologies, LLC


555 Madison Avenue
5th Floor
New York, NY 10022


+1 (646) 300 9989